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Step 3: Recipe Pages

SHARE recipes that make you the most proud.
Remember SAVORY dishes that are tried, tested,
and LOVED. Include recipes that make your
MOUTH WATER even now as you think of them!

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FREE Recipe Formats

Books measure 5 ½" x 8 ½". Pages will be printed in black ink using premium, bright white 60-lb. paper. Recipe formats cannot be changed.

FREE Online Proof

A FREE proof formatted in your chosen recipe format will be available online, which will also include your personal pages, cover, and dividers. Before placing your order, make sure your recipes, personal pages, and cover have been thoroughly proofed.

Enter Your Recipes

  • Easily create a FREE account. An e-mail will be sent to you
    with passwords and further instructions.
  • Start by customizing all your cookbook settings, including messages for members. With different passwords, you can allow all members to log in or limit access to a committee.
  • Recipes can be entered 24/7 until your deadline date (which can be changed at any time).
  • Recipes can be spell-checked, resulting in fewer errors, easier proofing, and a more professional book.
  • Print a proof anytime and make corrections as needed.
  • When you are confident the recipes and all other material are exactly the way you want them, submit your entire order online.

Recipe Filler Samples

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Church Art 1

Church Art 1

Church Art 2

Church Art 2

Food Art

Food Art

Victorian Art


Bible Verses (NIV)

Bible Quotes

Food Facts

Food Facts

Food for Thought

Food for Thought

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes

Light-Hearted Quotes

Light Hearted

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Recipe Page Options

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  • Subcategories
  • Recipe Notes
  • Fillers
  • Contributor Name
  • Non-Continued Recipes


You can group recipes into subcategories within each divider category (e.g., the "Desserts" category may include "Cakes," "Pies," "Puddings," "Trifles," etc.). Arrange recipes within subcategories in the order you want them to be printed. Subcategory headings will appear centered at the beginning of these recipes, as well as in the index section. Choose FREE subcategories when you create your online account. Subcategories may add to your page count.

Recipe Notes

Recipe notes are non-recipe content specific to a recipe. Nutritional info, suggested uses, history, etc., help personalize your cookbook. Recipe notes are printed after directions. Choose FREE recipe notes when you create your online account. Recipe notes may add to your page count.


Note: This recipe has been in the family for 100 years.

Note: One serving contains 300 calories and 10g fat.

Note: A bowl of this soup on a chilly fall evening is all the reason I need to grow leeks in the garden. Leeks are easy to grow and frost hardy.

Recipe Fillers

FREE recipe fillers (artwork or text not recipe specific) are offered as a way to fill the bottom of pages where space allows. This option is available only with non-continued recipes. Choose from our 9 available sets, ranging from artwork to quotes. See samples of each set at the bottom of this page.

Contributor Name

With each contributor name, two extra lines (title, town, dept., etc.) may be included FREE. For duplicate recipes, submit one recipe and include additional contributor names (up to 3 lines).

Non-Continued Recipes

Our standard practice is to print recipes continuously from page to page, breaking them as needed. Non-continued printing does not split recipes from page to page. This option is FREE and will add to your page count.

Every cookbook includes a Recipe IndexRecipe Index.

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