Step 4: Personal Pages

Step 4: Personal Pages

DEDICATE to organization members, a special cause, or family members. HONOR tradition, PRESERVE history, and TELL your story. ACKNOWLEDGE recipe contributors and pay TRIBUTE to supporters.

Add a Personal Touch with FREE Personal Pages

Personal Pages

Note: Typestyles will be changed to match your chosen recipe format.

1 FREE Photo

One photo may be printed in black ink on a personal page for FREE. Follow our Digital Image Specifications (PDF) to ensure quality printing. You will be able to upload your photo when you create your personal pages online. Additional photos can be added for 5¢ per photo/book.

4 FREE Personal Pages

For no extra charge, you may create up to 4 personal pages, which can include acknowledgments, dedications, history, poetry, etc. Personal pages will be placed in the front of the book after the title page. Note: 1 page is 1 side of a sheet of paper (i.e., 2 pages = 1 sheet of paper). Additional personal pages can be added, but they will increase your base price.

Prepare and proof personal pages using your FREE online account.

Bonus FREE Pages

Title Page

A FREE Title Page will be the first page of your cookbook. It will include your cookbook title and subtitle, as well as your organization’s name and address.

Table of Contents

A FREE Table of Contents will follow your personal pages and precede your recipes. Only category titles shown on your dividers will appear, not subcategory titles.

Mail-Order Page

The FREE Mail-Order Page will follow the index and precede the Cooking Hints. It will list your cookbook title, sale price, and contact information. Cookbooks given as gifts often result in additional sales. A mail-order page in your cookbook is a great way for someone to place an order. The mail-order page is optional and can be omitted.

Note: Title page, table of contents, and mail-order page will be formatted as shown using typestyles from your chosen recipe format.