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Add quality EXTRAS that ENHANCE your cookbook.
HELPFUL, practical cooking hints add convenience
and VALUE. Get the WORD OUT, secure early orders,
and PROMOTE sales!

24 FREE Cooking Hints Pages

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Cooking Hints Page 1 Cooking Hints  Page 1Hints Page 1

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Cooking Hints Page 2 Cooking Hints  Page 2Hints Page 2

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Cooking Hints Page 3 Cooking Hints  Page 3Hints Page 3

Page 4

Cooking Hints Page 4 Cooking Hints  Page 4Hints Page 4

Page 5

Cooking Hints Page 5 Cooking Hints  Page 5Hints Page 5

Page 6

Cooking Hints Page 6 Cooking Hints  Page 6Hints Page 6

Page 7

Cooking Hints Page 7 Cooking Hints  Page 7Hints Page 7

Page 8

Cooking Hints Page 8 Cooking Hints  Page 8Hints Page 8

Page 9

Cooking Hints Page 9 Cooking Hints  Page 9Hints Page 9

Page 10

Cooking Hints Page 10 Cooking Hints  Page 10Hints Page 10

Page 11

Cooking Hints Page 11 Cooking Hints  Page 11Hints Page 11

Page 12

Cooking Hints Page 12 Cooking Hints  Page 12Hints Page 12

Page 13

Cooking Hints Page 13 Cooking Hints  Page 13Hints Page 13

Page 14

Cooking Hints Page 14 Cooking Hints  Page 14Hints Page 14

Page 15

Cooking Hints Page 15 Cooking Hints  Page 15Hints Page 15

Page 16

Cooking Hints Page 16 Cooking Hints  Page 16Hints Page 16

Page 17

Cooking Hints Page 17 Cooking Hints  Page 17Hints Page 17

Page 18

Cooking Hints Page 18 Cooking Hints  Page 18Hints Page 18

Page 19

Cooking Hints Page 19 Cooking Hints  Page 19Hints Page 19

Page 20

Cooking Hints Page 20 Cooking Hints  Page 20Hints Page 20

Page 21

Cooking Hints Page 21 Cooking Hints  Page 21Hints Page 21

Page 22

Cooking Hints Page 22 Cooking Hints  Page 22Hints Page 22

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Cooking Hints Page 23 Cooking Hints  Page 23Hints Page 23

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Cooking Hints Page 24 Cooking Hints  Page 24Hints Page 24

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Our FREE Cooking Hints are the perfect enhancement that any cook, novice or expert, will find useful in the kitchen. Cooking Hints will be included unless otherwise indicated and will follow the index and mail-order page. All 24 pages must be included; we cannot omit partial sections or alter pages. To read the Cooking Hints, click below to download.

Download (PDF 582KB)

Cooking Hints Include:

  • Pantry Basics
  • Shelf Life of Foods
  • Herbs & Spices
  • BBQ & Grilling Tips
  • Meat Doneness Guidelines
  • Vegetables & Fruits
  • Pasta Hints & Tips
  • Bread Baking Hints
  • Baking Desserts
  • Candy Tips & Temps
  • Cooking Oils & Fats
  • Equivalency Chart
  • Food Quantities
  • Quick Fixes
  • Microwave Hints
  • Cooking Terms
  • Napkin Folding
  • Table Settings
  • Measurements
  •   & Substitutions

Note: Hints are not kosher. Cooking Hints are copyright protected.

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Advanced Sales Coupons
Advanced Sales Coupons

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Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates

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Traditional Certificates
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Holiday Certificates
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Press Release Forms
Press Release Form

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Boxes & Envelopes
Press Release Form

Sturdy shipping boxes and padded envelopes are available for small orders you may need to ship to others. Depending on book thickness, the box holds 2–4 books, and the envelope holds 1–2 books.

Boxes are $8.50/case of 10.

Envelopes are $18/case of 25.

Counter Displays
Book Stand

Attractive counter displays showcase your cookbooks and fit easily on shelves and countertops. The space-saving compact design will easily hold 3–7 cookbooks, depending on book thickness.

Displays are available for $2.00 each.

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