Marketing Tools

We offer several FREE online tools to help you maximize the marketing and sales of your cookbook. Once you have submitted your cookbook order to us, you may take advantage of the tools below.

Ordering Page

Once your order is submitted, we provide an Ordering Page that you may link to in any of your online marketing efforts. The Ordering Page features an image of your cookbook, contact information, and a downloadable Mail-Order Page (if you selected this option in your cookbook setup).


Copy the link below to use for any of your online marketing efforts.

Web Site & Blog Widget

Create a FREE widget to add to your web site or blog. The widget will link to your Ordering Page (hosted on our site), including contact information and a downloadable version of your Mail-Order page. This will allow all cookbook sales to be directed to you.

Modify Your Widget


Copy and paste the code below into your web site.

Media Kit

The media kit is a compressed .zip file containing images of your cookbook cover at different sizes . You may use these images to expand your marketing efforts in various forms of media, including web (organization's blog, social media, e-mail, etc.) and print (newspaper press releases, brochures, etc.).

Download Media Kit

Printable Marketing Tools

Advanced Sales Coupons

Download (PDF 397KB)

Custom Sales Posters

Feature your cookbook cover and fillable information.

Download (PDF)

Gift Certificates

Traditional Certificates Download (PDF 334KB)

Holiday Certificates Download (PDF 467KB)

Cookbook Order Taker

Download (PDF 397KB)

Press Release Forms

Download (PDF 205KB)

Click here to see previews of each.

Social Media Marketing

Spread the word on your new cookbook by using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media channels. You can easily create a page for your organization if you haven’t done so already, then add photos, posts, videos, and links encouraging followers to purchase your cookbook.