Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much money can we make?

A: Recipe contributors are the first to buy, averaging 3 cookbooks each. Friends, family, and community members will also purchase, especially if funds support a good cause. Cookbooks easily sell for 2–3 times their cost. Very few fundraising products offer this high profit margin. If you want to publish and sell 100 or more cookbooks, please visit Morris Press Cookbooks.

Q: Can individuals or families publish a cookbook?

A: Yes; however, most families publish their cookbook as a keepsake and not for fundraising. When sold at cost, cookbooks make a very affordable keepsake item. See our base prices.

Q: Can we publish fewer than 12 cookbooks or more than 96 cookbooks?

A: We do not accept orders smaller than 12 cookbooks. Yes, you can order more than 96 cookbooks. For larger quantities, you may also want to consider creating your cookbooks with our sister company, Morris Press Cookbooks.

Q: How many billable pages are allowed?

A: Your book may contain no more than 260 billable pages. Billable pages include recipe pages, index pages, and additional personal pages beyond the 4 free pages.

Q: How many recipes are in an average cookbook?

A: The average cookbook contains 150–250 recipes.

Q: Do recipes with variations cost more?

A: Maybe; our recipe formats average 2 recipes per page, which helps determine our base price structure. Cookbooks with long recipes or variations may result in more pages, bumping you up to a higher per book price.

Q: Do you edit our recipes, cover, or any pages?

A: We do NOT edit recipes or any other content since you type and create everything online. At any time, you can proof all parts of your cookbook and make changes and corrections as needed.

Q: Can we use brand names in our recipes?

A: You may use brand names (Jell-O®, Hershey's®, Nestle®, etc.) in your ingredients list. Do not submit any recipe titles that are trademarked. Examples include Runza®, Killer Brownies®, and Derby Pie®. If our system encounters known trademarked titles, you will be prompted to change the recipe title.

Q: Can we use recipes from magazines, newspapers, or other cookbooks?

A: Yes, you may include recipes from various sources, except for those that are trademarked names (see question above). You may be infringing on a copyright if you use complete works, such as all the recipes from one cookbook. Keep in mind that personal recipes with individual names help sell your cookbooks.

Q: Can I arrange the recipe fillers in the order I want them used and decide which page each will appear on?

The software program automatically places fillers based on size and available space. You can choose which category you want them in, but you will not be able to move them or determine the order in which they are used.

Q: Can we use divider category titles other than the titles shown?

A: No; our divider sets are preprinted and cannot be changed.

Q: Can we change titles and subtitles on covers?

A: Yes, you may have any wording for your cover title and subtitle. Keep in mind that space is limited – if wording is too long, it will be shrunk to fit. Stock covers cannot be changed in any other way.

Q: Why does Simply Cookbooks™ place its copyright on the title page?

Q: Will my photos print the way they appear on screen?

A: Getting images on your screen to appear as sharp and clean on the printed page is a challenge. Your monitor most likely is not calibrated to our standards, so images will look different from one monitor to another. Plus, you will be viewing your photo in RGB mode (not CMYK mode, which is required for printing). We convert all RGB photos to CMYK, which can slightly modify colors. For a color photo to be used on one of our custom photo cover templates, you may want to modify the brightness, contrast, and color in a photo-editing program. Photos on personal pages will be converted to black/white – you will be able to view this as you proof. If you want more contrast, adjust your photos accordingly and replace them on the page.

Image resolution will also contribute to how a photo will print. Many digital photos are only 72 ppi (pixels per inch) and will look clear and sharp on a monitor. However, when printed, it will look blocky and pixilated. Therefore, the ideal resolution for printing your images is 300 pixels per inch. You cannot resave a 72 ppi photo to 300 ppi without affecting the size of the photo. For more information about image resolution, download our Digital Image Specifications (PDF) and visit Simply Cookbooks™ cannot be responsible for photo quality since we do not color correct or make alterations to the photos you upload.

Q: I want to include photos with recipes. Why can't I do this?

A: Our recipe formats are not designed to accommodate photos, but you may place unlimited photos on your personal pages, which will be printed in black ink (1 FREE; additional are 5¢/photo/book).

Q: Can I create my own custom dividers or have other options, such as cream paper, colored ink, or a different recipe format layout?

A: Simply Cookbooks™ provides the fastest and most streamlined process of any cookbook company. Limited options enables us to produce cookbooks quickly and keep our prices low, passing the savings on to our customers. If you want other options not offered, we recommend using Morris Press Cookbooks. They offer many other binding choices and options to further customize a cookbook.

Q: After I submit my order, how long will it take for my cookbooks to arrive?

A: Production time is 10 business days from the day after we receive your complete order and payment. Production time does not include shipping. Allow an extra 3–5 business days for delivery within the 48 states. Orders to AK and HI are shipped UPS ground; allow 5-10 business days for shipping time. We are not in production on holidays or weekends.

Q: If I sell out, can I reprint my cookbooks?

A: Yes, you can! To reorder, log in to your account and click on "I need more books." The minimum reorder quantity is 12 cookbooks.

Q: If I want to reprint my cookbook with changes, what do I do?

A: Once you log in to your account and choose “I need more books,” you will be given the option to edit content or print as is. Keep in mind that any changes could affect your price.

Q: Does Simply Cookbooks™ offer phone support?

A: No, we do not. For your convenience, we provide help videos throughout the process. If you have further questions after watching the videos, you can contact us through our Live Support chat during business hours (Mon. – Fri., 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CST) or through our reliable and fast E-mail Support. Rest assured, our team is here to help. If you send an e-mail, you can expect a prompt reply within 24 hours unless you send an e-mail during the weekend.

Q: Where does Simply Cookbooks™ ship to?

A: Simply Cookbooks™ ships to all 50 USA states. Foreign orders, including APO, FPO, and USA territories, are not accepted.

Q: How much will it cost to ship my cookbooks?

A: Estimated shipping costs are based on many factors, including the destination zip code of your order, the total number of cookbook pages, and how many books you order. So until you actually complete your order and know the final number of pages, the Shipping Calculator estimates are just that – estimates. Your final shipping cost may be more or less, depending on any or all of the factors above.

Q: Can I cancel or change my order?

A: Once your order is received, we begin production immediately; therefore, changes and/or corrections cannot be made and orders cannot be canceled.

Q: My books arrived with a quality issue. What is your return policy?

A: Simply Cookbooks™ guarantees your satisfaction with the workmanship of your book. It must pass several quality inspection checks before shipping. On the off-chance your books arrive with shipping damage, we'll help in any way we can. Shipments are insured with the carrier, and you have 7 days to report a claim. Contact us for assistance. Defects not due to shipping damage must be reported to us within 30 days. Because your cookbooks are a custom-made product, we reserve the right to repair, replace, or credit defective books. See our complete Return Policy.

Q: Where are you located?

A: Simply Cookbooks™ is headquartered in Kearney, Nebraska. Our modern facility currently spans 250,000 square feet and houses state-of-the-art equipment to produce books efficiently and affordably. Millions have been invested in the latest prepress technology, printing equipment, bindery machines, collators, and more. All parts of your cookbook are created under one roof, helping us quickly produce and quality-check your cookbook before it's shipped to you.

Q: Does Simply Cookbooks™ support foreign languages and fonts?

A: Simply Cookbooks™ supports fonts in English. Many cookbooks typed in Spanish will print fine, as most accent marks used on characters are the same as or similar to English characters. We do not guarantee that accent marks for other languages will be supported. If accent marks/characters look correct in your online proof, they will print just fine.

Q: How do I invite others to view and purchase my book?

A: Log in to your account and create a widget that can be placed on your web page or blog. Click here to get started. Take advantage of social networking – send e-mails to friends and family and post information on Facebook. We also offer FREE Marketing Tools to help you with sales. Remember, recipe contributors are the first to buy, so let them know when your cookbooks arrive.

Q: I’m having trouble accessing the cover and personal page sections of my account. What needs to be done?

Make sure you have the most current version of the browser you are using (we recommend Google Chrome).